Trailmix is a new way to give digital mixtapes with your favorite people by sharing them in the places that matter most. Craft a playlist and leave it at your favorite park, coffee shop, bus stop – anywhere! Discover new music by visiting your favorite places.


MFA D+T Dynamic Press Release

Designed and developed the dynamic press release for the 2012 Parsons MFA D+T Thesis Show. Used a javascript physics world to create an area of play and content discovery. Developed a separate responsive site for mobile and outdated browsers.


MFA D+T Invitations

Designed and built interactive invitations for the 2012 Parsons MFA D+T Thesis Show Press and VIP opening. Invitations incorporated a circuit that lit up an attached LED.


what we ate

Wireframed and prototyped What We Ate, a mobile social network that connects amateur chefs through photos of what they’ve cooked. Users upload a food, with process pictures and the finished product, title it, and tag it. Friends then like the picture or request the recipe. User experience prototypes included wireframes and interactive keynotes presentations to test on touch screens.


music visualization

Mapping music videos into a particle system within a physics environment that reacts to the music input.



SURFACE is an interactive installation that reduces the immense scale of Beijing into an intimate and individual experience. Each person has an influence on their urban environment, and the greater city impacts each individual in turn.


hypertext remix

Hypertext Remix is a browser sequencer that generates system sounds when a browser hits the edge of the screen. Speed and start times can be adjusted to create a unique soundscape.



Pitch is a digital toy that uses sound to drive interaction. To play, users must first put on stereo headphones. They then must navigate a ball around a blank screen to an invisible hole, navigating by where the sound is in 3D space to find the endpoint.



Design and development of the website for TransLife, a new media triennial in the Summer of 2011 in Beijing, China.



Windmill is a musical sequencer. A user clicks to create a hotspot anywhere on the canvas. As the windmill arms of the playheads cross the hotspot, a corresponding sound plays.


i saw you

I Saw You, a collaboration with Kellyn Loehr, is a mashup between Craigslist Missed Connections and Instagram.



Umbrella? is a device that you hang next to your door. It wirelessly reads weather data from, parses it, and indicates whether you should take your umbrella with you via a yellow (for sun) or blue (for rain) LED.


wind and degradation

I captured the speed of the pinwheel (essentially the speed of the wind, and of the user’s breath) and used it to degrade video footage projected onto a screen in real time. This exploration would allow the user to view wind in a different way, and see it from the emotional side of things instead of the scientific.



A mechanical butterfly with fluttering wings.