major studio: focus on a solution


Discuss precedents/references/inspirations and how they relate to your idea.

  1. windcutsWindcuts by Miska Knapek: The Windcuts are experiments in turning sensor data into physical instantiations, via Processing and a computer-controlled drill. Wind movement measurement data (wind direction, velocity and temperature) was used to generate a 3d form, which was then cut out of wood. According to Knapek, “This is my memento to the wind’s movements. Sometimes chaotic, sometime calm, always very living.” I found her work unique in taking wind data to create a physical art, with very little human involvement.


  2. sound & color streamssound & color streams of the lake champlain waterfront by Jenn Karson and Matt Larson: This project is an installation that sends live sound and color streams from the Lake Champlain Waterfront to a live visualization. This project explores creating a visualization from a live feed, something that I thought might work well for my explorations.




  3. blow upBlow Up by Scott Sona Snibbe: A precedent for the user interface, “Blow Up records, amplifies, and projects human breath into a room-sized field of wind… Blow Up’s simultaneous processes of recording, translation and amplification is meant to increase the breath’s salience and legibility, while detaching the breath from the body that allegedly produced it.” The user blows into a panel of twelve smaller fans that then affect the wind speed of twelve larger fans across the room. Though his project primarily focuses on breath, I wanted to take this further into the realm of wind.
  4. heart chamber orchestraHeart Chamber Orchestra from 12 musicians and artist duo TERMINALBEACH: This performance provided me with precedent for how I want the visualizations to look. I think that they show great power and energy, while remaining quite beautiful.


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